One Click To Auto Generate Lab services ticket


Auto JIRA is a functional web application designed by NOKIA to JIRA ticket system powered by Atlassian. The main issue of JIRA is that raising each of ticket needs effort of engineers to input accurate information such as locations, department units and details of tickets. However, the issue is that engineers may input invalid information or input in a wrong format. In addition, input information takes a considerable amount of time which is unnecessary .Auto jira provides a direct access to autofill the information based on the location tab and department unit tab users chooses, and based on each tab, there are diverse options which creates diverse tickets linking to JIRA system.


Auto Jira has adopted by over 20 sites(11 done) in the worldwide. By Autojira, Nokia has around 10k tickets per year thru autojira. Autojira can save 1.3 million euro annually.


It is easy to add ticket choices for each site to satisfy the needs.


Each ticket saves 24 minutes of labor effort.


It prevents to input invalid basic information, because Autojira presets the information.


A new site can be easily built based on the template to join the Auto jira system.


World map is powered by Raphael ,Mapael, SVG map.